Specialty Workflow

Accelerate Pharmacy Workflow Performance

Specialty drug orders must be filled in 24 hours or less. TGRX enables specialty pharmacies to fulfill orders quickly and stops competitors in their tracks. Specialty Pharmacies get orders out the door faster.

TGRX is queue based and allows Specialty Pharmacy staff to visually inspect the entire workflow in a single dashboard. Staff is instantly notified when required fields need to be updated.

Queues direct pharmacy staff. Transfers between department is automatic, reducing human error.

Reduce Fax prescriptions and eliminate errors with integrated e-prescribing

TGRX is integrated with SureScripts to simplify the process of getting specialty prescriptions directly from the care providers. TGRX is also designed to be integrated with Prior Authorization Systems to simplify the process of moving prescriptions between the PBM and the TGRX system

Standardize and speed up the intake process

TGRX helps users to collect key information during the order intake from the beginning to end. Paper fax and related documents are digitizes and stored in the system database with patient files. Required data is easily accessed throughout the order process. All information inside the database with paperless documentation.