Specialty Pharmacy System

A platform designed to enable Specialty Pharmacies to fulfill orders quickly.
A platform designed to enable Specialty Pharmacies to fulfill orders quickly. TGRX manages limited-distribution drugs and delivers superior service to manufacturers, payers, wholesalers, health plans and patients.

Specialty Workflows

Accelerate Pharmacy Workflow Performance. TGRX helps users to collect key information during the order intake from the beginning to the end.

Inventory Management

TGRX enables Specialty Pharmacies to better manage inventory. Product counting is simplified with the TGRX barcode-driven system.

Revenue Management

TGRX enables Specialty Pharmacies to perform better and surpass competitors when competing for drug contracts.


TGRX business intelligence capabilities simplify the task of producing Specialty Pharmacy reports.


TGRX enables Specialty Pharmacies to address payer rules, manufacturer reporting requirements, and accrediting organizations with automated compliance tools.

Document Management

TGRX includes an integrated document management system that enables Specialty Pharmacies to electronically store all information.

With TGRX all existing patient information can be easily accessed, viewed and edited throughout the system. New patient files can be created quickly including contact, insurance and prescription information.



TGRX provides perfect and flawless compatibility between various platforms.

Enterprise Module

The Enterprise Module offers an optional feature, which functions as a queue-based management system allowing each department to have a specific queue designed for specialized functions.

Tasks Queue

The Tasks Queue page is the home page for Administrators. This is configured in the ‘Manage Content Pages’ section and can be used to track E-Prescription and Fax activity.

E-Prescription Manager

The E-Prescription Manager feature allows the user to view all incoming electronic prescriptions.

Incoming Faxes

On this page, the user is able to view as well as conduct searches throughout all incoming faxes. The user can specify the Fax ID and/or the Fax Number and click on the ‘Search’ button to view the requested information.

Print Label & Fill RX

The Print Label & Fill RX feature allows the user to view and print labels and fill prescriptions. The user is then redirected to the Label Details page after a successful Inventory selection is made.