Technology Strategy

Today's evolving and diverse technology landscape has implications for all business and IT leaders.

Our IT strategy services help clients understand these challenges and explore innovative opportunities for growth with technology strategies that align business and IT for the most value.

Removing information silos and fragmented IT decision making is critical.

Alternative sourcing and operating models can inspire global services from within and outside the enterprise. Executives need to move beyond cost containment to collaborating more readily with diverse stakeholders, partners, suppliers and customers on the path to innovation and growth.

HealthcareIT adopts a 'business relevant' approach toward application strategy that helps organizations manage their portfolios for the longer term.

Healthcare IT Software provides Business, Healthcare and IT perspectives. Our experienced subject-matter specialists are backed by broad technology and industry assets and skills.

Tested tools and methodologies:

  • Diagnostic tools
  • Powerful intellectual property
  • Proven methodologies that can help organizations produce results faster
Practical implementation advice:

We team with organizations to plan and implement the most effective approach, including the best options for sourcing.

Fast-tracked outcomes:

Our end-to-end application strategy services combined with industry-specific blueprints accelerate application initiatives.

Enterprise Architecture

One of the most powerful management tools used by progressive organizations, Enterprise Architecture is a perfect vehicle for making multi-year technology changes. This enables the ongoing alignment of business processes and strategies with the right technology solutions, helping busy IT and business executives transform data into information providing for powerful management insights.

Resilient and influential, the right enterprise architecture can set the business direction and help IT stay focused on one vision of the future. In these changing times adapting to the needs of the business is fundamental to an organizations success.

HealthcareIT takes the business step by step through a transformation plan leveraging our technological expertise aligning the transformation with the short-term and long-term goals of the business and the Healthcare services you are providing. We strive for a complete expression of the enterprise and a collaborative effort among all aspects of the business and Healthcare integrating:

  • Goals
  • Visions
  • Strategies
  • Compliance
  • Processes and data
  • Business operations
  • Organization structures
  • Automation of systems and databases
  • Enabling the infrastructure of the business such as computers, operating systems and networks.

Our focus is relating architectural solutions to business tasks, mapping capability and functionality to internal and external resources, developing business transformation plans jointly with senior business management, handling business solutions to the delivery and operational business functions of your company and healthcare services.

Program Management

The healthcare marketplace is in transition.

Shifting regulations and increasing competition require new approaches to managing operations and the bottom line.

Healthcare IT Software advises on and executes projects to enable your healthcare organization to evolve while reducing costs and improving patient care.

We reduce healthcare organizations’ risk associated with completing critical, complex initiatives, particularly when timelines are tight, change is imminent, and projects require a significant amount of coordination with physicians, administration, and vendors.

We have built a business on disciplined execution by successfully implementing critical initiatives.

We have learned that most organizations do not underperform for lack of a good strategic plan, but instead miss their opportunity to successfully implement it. We excel at leading you through complex tasks by transforming your strategy into a plan, and the plan into action in order to effectively realize your goals.

Our program management consulting approach is results oriented, process-driven and disciplined.

Healthcare IT Software adapts our best practices to your unique healthcare organization so you experience benefits right from the start.

Because change is inevitable, we have incorporated change management practices into our program management methodologies, greatly improving the sustainability of your initiatives.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence and Analytics for Healthcare

Healthcare organizations are going through a technology and data revolution. Pressure from a wide range of sources are forcing both providers and health plans to look at their data and technology investments in new and innovative ways to gain competitive advantage. Healthcare business intelligence can provide organizations the ability to use their data to improve quality of care, increase financial efficiency and operational effectiveness, conduct innovative research and satisfy regulatory requirements.

Healthcare Enterprise Data Roadmaps

Leveraging your data to its fullest potential requires a pragmatic, yet flexible plan. Understanding where you are, where you need to be and how to get there is critical in ensuring the journey is as efficient as possible. The creation of an enterprise roadmap provides the framework for the creation of a world class data environment.

Healthcare Analytics

Healthcare organizational data has a wide range of uses. From surgical analytics, service line profitability and quality analysis to claims management, revenue cycle management and utilization, analytics can provide the critical insights in meeting the organizations goals and gain competitive advantage. Focused analytical applications can provide a quick return on investment and provide the foundation for the use of analytics across the enterprise.

Healthcare Data Governance

Healthcare organizations are experiencing tremendous technological change and in how they use their data. New EMR’s, 4010/5010 and ICD-9/ICD-10 conversions, standardizing technology platforms and integrating data for analysis all require an enterprise view to truly realize the benefits of technology investments. Having the strategic oversight and management in place to ensure the enterprise view is a critical component for success.

Healthcare Master Data Management

Master data is the cement that ties the organization’s data foundation together. Some healthcare organizations are facing a master data challenge as they move to standardize their systems, perform 4010/5010 migrations and prepare for ICD-10. As healthcare organizations move towards an enterprise view of their data, ensuring the consistency of such things as master patient indexes, physician masters, diagnosis codes and procedure codes will be critical.

Healthcare Centralized Data Environments

Implementing a true centralized data environment requires a balance between process, best practices, organizational constructs and enabling technology. In addition to the topics outline above, a true world class data and analytical platform needs to consider a number of additional areas:

  • Collaboration
  • Data Integration
  • Data Acquisition
  • Metadata Management
  • Data Modeling/Storage Data/User Access

Application Development

The digital world is forcing organizations to evolve and change at a much faster rate than ever before.

A strong application portfolio can be instrumental to enabling new business processes, products and services to drive market leadership and differentiation.

New applications can eliminate manual processes, and improve responsiveness and quality.

Healthcare IT Software's application development services support all stages of the application life cycle from requirements through design, test and implementation.

Your organization will benefit from a robust set of methodologies, frameworks, industry accelerators and software assets to deliver high quality custom applications.

Healthcare IT application development consultants are experts across a wide range of architectures, technologies, platforms and devices including service-oriented architecture, grid computing, open source development, Microsoft® and Mobile.

We offer end-to-end services for clients who require a tightly-aligned applications infrastructure, supported by various Microsoft and other enterprise-based technologies locally or globally. By using industry proven methodologies and application frameworks, we can help deliver business solutions that are designed to be flexible and cost-effective.

To stay ahead, businesses need agile, dynamic, iterative, continuously evolving, ecosystem-based delivery methods. In the digital economy, businesses will live or die based on how they handle complex application strategies, including packaged applications, analytics, customer applications, cloud-based applications and mobile apps. All of these application environments need to deliver seamless user results and compelling, consumer-like user experiences. The key challenge for today’s applications professional is to reinvent applications strategies to align with the new digital reality, while at the same time supporting the innovation businesses will need to remain competitive.

We have extensive Healthcare industry and technology expertise which allows us to deliver innovative business solutions to address the key goals of your organization and we understand integration.

Mobile Development

Mobility is about putting healthcare in motion, extending care with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Today’s leading healthcare companies are doing more to integrate mobile into the fabric of their business. Our mobile services and solutions are designed to help clients set their mobile strategy, re-imagine their interactions with customers, seamlessly integrating mobility into their traditional workplace and manage this mobile environment in an optimized and secure way.

HealthcareIT’s mobile solutions enable rapid, agile, digital-age innovation which is bi-modal IT. Desktop, Web, Cloud Mobile applications are all necessary ingredients for a business to succeed.

Business strategies and methodologies have to evolve around the agile techniques and rapid development tools. It’s not just about delivering business functionality; it’s about user experience and the value mobility brings to their lives and their ongoing HealthCare.

Every business unit is an innovation center.
Every business is a digital business.
Every facet of an individual’s Healthcare integrates with the digital world.

This means a radical shift in priorities and perspective. Healthcare and Business leaders must be ready to step up to that challenge and seize the opportunity to help lead their organizations into the age of digital business.

With our extensive experience in Mobile Solutions and integration with legacy systems we can help you overcome the challenges your business faces today and provide a road-map for tomorrow.

Information Technology isn’t just a part of the business – it is the business!

Database Design

Healthcare IT Software's approach to designing and developing databases ensures that your applications will provide high levels of data integrity and security while our open approach facilitates efficient and reliable integration with any existing enterprise applications. All of this delivered using a development methodology, that provides our customers with clarity and predictability at all stages of the project and using a structured approach to usability and user-interface design, to make complex applications simple to use.

Our design philosophy is clear and simple and focuses on five fundamentals:

  • Integrity
  • Availability
  • Confidentiality
  • Authentication
  • Non-repudiation

In our designs and management of your database we work closely with our partners to provide for appropriate security; focusing on:

  • Auditing
  • Backups
  • Encryption
  • Access control
  • Authentication
  • Integrity controls
  • Application security
  • Database Security applying Statistical Method

The data you have accumulated over years and the Database within which it resides is the cornerstone of your Business today and tomorrow.

HealthCareIT understands data we know how to transform that data into actionable information providing you with a competitive advantage and we know how to present that data in a safe and accessible format for any device in any medium.

Systems Maintenance

In today’s 24/7 Healthcare environment, application failure or unexpected downtime can frustrate end users and devastate your bottom line. As budgets shrink and application environments grow more complex, it pays to have an experienced IT partner.

Healthcare IT Software manages mission-critical applications for some of the world’s most successful companies.

We work with you to understand your business and devise customized solutions maximize application availability, agility and predictability. The result? Lower costs, less risk, greater ROI, a faster response to market opportunities — and the support you need to achieve your long-term objectives.

We’ve built our engineering centers of excellence around Microsoft and other mission-critical software platforms.

Many legacy applications were developed more than 10 years ago. In today’s real-time business environment, that can make them complex and expensive to maintain. These problems are compounded by lack of up-to-date documentation and loss of knowledgeable engineers.

Healthcare IT Software's application development and support services help you maintain your business-critical mainframe applications and replace legacy applications. We’re experienced at handling mainframe costs, change requests, cost pressures, and lack of support for niche technologies and packaged solutions.

Our comprehensive services address poor performance and low quality, and eliminate factors that degrade application performance, code quality and efficiency. We also clean up dead components and unusable code that accumulates when organizations lack funding for periodic cleanup and optimization.