Health Tablet – A Food and Drug Administration (FDA) - registered tablet equipped with interactive surveys, educational games, medication reminders, individualized care plans, biometric tracking and disease state education.

Our focus is to help patients and care teams improve health outcomes by:

  • Reducing ER Visits
  • Giving healthcare team early warning signs
  • Giving healthcare team easy way to provide information and instructions to patients
  • Improving communications between patients and healthcare team
  • Providing mechanism for patients to share monitoring data with healthcare team
  • Providing mechanism for patients to provide health status updates
  • Developed with TMED®, the tablet allows the member to provide information which is sent back in real time to the care team, allowing for more up-to-date and personalized care.

With a strong emphasis on child care the Health Tablet provides a multi-facet support to maintaining a viable health regime encompassing:

  • EBooks
  • Health Surveys
  • Symptom Tracker
  • Action Plans
  • Health Games

The emphasis is the active participation of the entire family and providers in health and ongoing care.