Issue Management

Built to empower those who manage integrated healthcare systems, we have created an easy to use Issue Management and Change Management tool to manage the most complex systems. An easy way to manage Issues and complete Change Requests, ResolveIT is a simple to use but effective framework to develop responses to influence the final outcome. The few key steps in the issues management process are:

  • Identification and Evaluation
  • Approval
  • Assignment
  • Implementation / Development
  • UAT Deployment/li>
  • Configuring / Testing / Sign-off
  • Production Deployment
  • Close / Resolve

Risk Management

Using ResolveIT, our clients can integrate change requests and risk assessments as stage one in our Enterprise Solutions. We provide for the qualification of risk and are implementing ratings.

For Mitigated Risk we are introducing a Module which is both stand-alone and links to Change Requests and Issues providing for qualification of:

  • Risk Identification, linked to Rating, Risk Impact Assessment, Risk Prioritization, and Risk Mitigation, and we are building in Risk Tracking, Alerts and Notifications.
  • We are in the process of developing an Adverse Effect Module representing the cumulative measure of our Risk Management.
  • Rating = positive/negative business impacts: user relationship, business compliance, monetary value, and development with regard to time management.

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MoveIT Application Workflow Automation

Healthcare IT Software delivers the workload automation solution that provides unmatched application workflow automation. Lowering operating costs and increasing application deployment speeds are two major benefits delivered with MoveIT Workload Automation. It supports high availability, enhanced analytics, and high-speed application deployment through automated job promotion from development to test to production.

  • Automate
  • Accelerate
  • Collaborate

Automating the batch workload lifecycle is easier and more efficient than ever before. MoveIT Workload Automation enables IT to build, change, schedule, and monitor complex batch services—all from one powerful interface:

  • Reduce the cost of workload automation by up to 25% or more and save up to 50% administration time with Healthcare IT Software Workflow Automation.
  • Implement applications as much as 80% faster by automating the “create and change” process.
  • Improve service delivery with predictive analytics that help address problems before they affect the business.
  • Make life easier for business users and lower service desk costs by offering a self-service view.

Complaint Handling

A centralized complaint handling system may help to reduce risk, to comply with best practices, and to streamline operations. If you are concerned about customer satisfaction, the usability of the solutions you provide to your customers then you need to get regular feedback from your user-base.

Customer complaints should be viewed as an opportunity and if handled correctly become real marketing opportunities:

  • Reliable tracking
  • Timely resolution
  • Prompt acknowledgement

Healthcare IT Software's Complaints Handing System is a solution for documenting, managing and following up on customer inquiries and complaints and tracking all remedial action through to completion. Seamless linkages are supported to both related quality systems processes as well as external systems including CRM and ERP. The system increases customer retention, compliance with industry regulations, and avoidance of potential product liability lawsuits.

HealthcareIT provides further services in:

  • Planning
  • Business Results
  • Information and Analysis
  • Complaint Process Management
  • Leadership Strategies for Satisfying Customers
  • Human Resource Development and Management
  • Managing Customer Expectations and Satisfaction

Adverse Events

Healthcare IT Software's Adverse Event Reporting solution tracks reported adverse events and manages the processing of all cases from initial triage through reporting and case closure.

Drug Safety users can accurately and efficiently record events and products (suspect, company, prior, and concomitant), code terms against industry standard thesauri, conduct seriousness, causality, and expectedness assessments, and determine report ability of adverse events to appropriate health authorities.

For safety cases that are reportable, the system supports a multitude of standard drug safety reports for paper and electronic reporting to meet expedited and periodic reporting requirements.

With clear quantification of:

  • Abnormal lab values
  • Surgical complications of transplant
  • Subjective reports by the participant that meet AE criteria
  • Clinically significant abnormalities found upon exam or through tests and procedures

We grade and qualify the Event:

  • Grade 1, Mild: Transient or mild discomfort; no limitation in activity; no medical intervention/therapy required
  • Grade 2, Moderate: Mild to moderate limitation in activity –some assistance may be needed; no or minimal medical intervention/therapy required
  • Grade 3, Severe: Marked limitation in activity, some assistance usually required; medical intervention/therapy required and hospitalization possible
  • Grade 4, Life-Threatening: Extreme limitation in activity, significant assistance required; significant medical intervention/therapy required; hospitalization or hospice care probable

Our reporting platform provides flexible mapping and configuration to meet the complex and varying requirements of global regulatory authorities.

HIPAA Transfer

Encrypted Transfer of PHI

Need to send PHI data? Every day Healthcare companies are faced with the need to send PHI data to another party, but don't have a compliant way to do so. It's a struggle between improving patient care and keeping patient data private.

Healthcare IT Software has a solution that is simple, easy to use, system that allows for the secure and encrypted transfer of PHI data. Our algorithms provide for the highest levels of encryption commercially available.

Due to potential abuses of encryption technology by criminal organizations, this service will only be made available to verified health care companies and their affiliates.

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