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Comprehensive Data Warehouse

We integrate professional, institutional claims, Rx Claims and Lab Data from various formats (FACETS, NCPDP, HL 7 etc.) into a comprehensive data warehouse solutions. Analytic and decision support models are built from this data generating drug trends and Gaps in care for our members. We identify Opioid monitoring and build star reports for Medicare.

Medication Management

Medication Therapy Management service optimizes therapeutic outcomes for patients. This service is comprised of individual interventions, each of which is intended to elicit a change in a patient's medication therapy, to reduce the incidence of adverse drug events and to improve adherence to medication regimens.

Prior Authorization

The Prior Authorization System is fully compliant with all state and federal laws and provides multiple features designed to simplify documentation and improve the prior authorization process.

Health Tablet

A Food and Drug Administration (FDA) registered tablet equipped with interactive surveys, educational games, medication reminders, individualized care plans, biometric tracking and disease state education.